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Sand And Foam

First Published In: 1926.
A book of aphorisms, poems, and parables by the author of "The Prophet" - a philosopher at his window commenting on the scene passing below.

The Madman

First Published In: 1918.
Thought-provoking collection of life-affirming parables and poems by the author of The Prophet, many casting an ironic light on the beliefs, aspirations, and vanities of humankind. "How I Became a Madman," "The Two Hermits," "The Wise Dog," "The Good God and the Evil God," "Night and the Madman," many more. 3 exquisite illustrations by the author.

A Tear And A Smile

First Published In: 1914.
A Tear And A Smile contains fifty-six parables, stories, and poems in Gibran's wholly inimitable manner. Illustrated with four of his own paintings and drawings, A Tear And A Smile is the most important recent addition to the canon of this greatly loved writer.

The Vision

First Published In: 1994.
For Gibran, no single religious tradition revealed the truth, so he wove together insights from Eastern Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, American Transcendentalism and folklore from his native Lebanon. This is a collection of 24 meditations, essays and prose poems on the spiritual life.

The Wanderer

First Published In: 1932.
Gibran's last book before he died contains parables and peoms which many consider to be amongst his finest.

The Procession

First Published In: 1919.
Less widely known, but unique among his compositions, The Procession is Gibran's first and major work in verse. Written originally in Arabic, it is presented here in Dr. George Kheirallah's subtle and sensitive translation. He calls it "the unconscious biography of Gibran."

The Storm

First Published In: 1993.
This work contains 14 short stories and poems, that express many of Gibran's key themes: the injustice meted out to the poor and the weak; the beauties of nature needlessly destroyed by man; and the innocent purity of young love, so often crushed underfoot by society.

The Forerunner

First Published In: 1920.
The wisdom, poetic outlook, and deep humanity for which The Prophet is famous are also amply present in The Forerunner, published just three years earlier. Compassionate and insightful, it is a less unified but equally memorable collection of 24 poems and parables dealing with love, death, tyranny, vanity, and the holiness and foolishness of humankind. Translated into many languages and acclaimed internationally by critics, The Forerunner is sure to provide inspiration and reading pleasure to a wide audience.

Visions Of The Prophet

First Published In: 1997.
Drawn from his published works in Arabic, Visions Of The Prophet will introduce to a new generation this Lebanese poet and pilgrim who lit the hearts of so many romantics for the last six decades. Gibran looks the harshness of life straight in the eye and summons us to develop a soul -- an inner life -- to set our moral compasses by. A companion volume to the recently published Eye of The Prophet, Visions Of The Prophet reveals a quixotic, passionate Gibran unrevealed in earlier works.

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