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A Tear And A Smile
by Kahlil Gibran

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First Published In: 1914 (English translation published in 1950, by Alfred A. Knopf).
Original Title: Dam'ah Wa Ibtisamah.

Contains 56 parables, stories, and poems in Gibran's wholly inimitable manner. Illustrated with 4 of his own paintings and drawings, it is the most important edition to the canon of this great writer.


By: A reader ("The emotion behind inconsolable grief")

If you have ever loved and lost, either by death or other unbearable circumstance, if you have ever longed for your lover's touch, if you have ever seen the most awesome vision, if you have ever found happiness in your despair and tears, if you have ever seen death at your doorstep, and called for it, if you have ever wondered if anyone has ever felt these things you do, this book is certainly for you. There is a vast amount of symbology used cleverly and yet, obvious. My favorite passage is Have Mercy My Soul. In this, he keeps asking his soul how long it intends to torment him. Enjoy.

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