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The Forerunner
by Kahlil Gibran

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First Published In: 1920.

The wisdom, poetic outlook, and deep humanity for which The Prophet is famous are also amply present in The Forerunner, published just three years earlier. Compassionate and insightful, it is a less unified but equally memorable collection of 24 poems and parables dealing with love, death, tyranny, vanity, and the holiness and foolishness of humankind. Translated into many languages and acclaimed internationally by critics, The Forerunner is sure to provide inspiration and reading pleasure to a wide audience.


By: A reader

"The Forerunner" is a collection of poems and short stories that will leave you laughing, crying, and swimming in irony. It brings you into people's minds and emotions flawlessly to provide insights to life that you would never have imagined. One becomes the characters, instead of just reading about them. I can only go a few months before I have to read it again. It soothes the soul and leaves the mind at peace with society and nature. Quiet reflection is the only way you can end this book: it demands nothing less. This is a book that must be read.

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