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Visions Of The Prophet
by Kahlil Gibran

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First Published In: 1997.

Drawn from his published works in Arabic, Visions Of The Prophet will introduce to a new generation this Lebanese poet and pilgrim who lit the hearts of so many romantics for the last six decades. Gibran looks the harshness of life straight in the eye and summons us to develop a soul -- an inner life -- to set our moral compasses by. A companion volume to the recently published Eye of The Prophet, Visions Of The Prophet reveals a quixotic, passionate Gibran unrevealed in earlier works.


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The millions who know and love The Prophet will find this new selection of poems by Kahlil Gibran thoughtful, lyrical, and true to the various stages of a person's life. Composed over the course of his life, from the first piece written on his 25th birthday to the last poem penned shortly before his death, Gibran's inspirational writings on love, death, and the care of the soul reflect the moods and abilities of each age and each passage.

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In Visions of The Prophet Gibran's narrator wrestles with the hypocrisies of Christianity ("Mad John," "The Man on the Cross") and challenges his own hypocrisy ("Kahlil the Ungodly"). He questions how children can become soulful creatures within corrupt marriages and poverty ("The Sister Soul," "The Woman of Tomorrow") and he urges the development of an inner life ("Solitude and Isolation"). The narrator extols Paris from his exile in Boston, and writes about the natural wonders of the Earth with the passionate lyricism we equate with Gibran. The one-act dramatic play ("The Many- columned City of Iram") is a heartfelt dialogue between a Sufi master, a female sage, and a seeker, about the nature of faith and reality. This carefully arranged collection brings a surprisingly modern Gibran to old and new readers. Many will thrill to his stirring words about building a soul and reconstructing a spiritual identity. Mystic, patriot and poet, Gibran urges us to uproot complacency and corruption, and champion Love and Truth.

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