One: A Novel
by Richard Bach

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Do parallel worlds really exist? What if they do?

What if.... there's some way we could cross time beyond space, and meet our alternate selves, the ones who are yet to be and the ones who already are?

What if space-time is a giant cosmic book?
Ours to turn and read, skip a chapter, indulge in the other... from each taking what resonates with us.

What if I could reach to Who I Already Was and Who Still is Somewhere perhaps existing in some parallel dimension floating alongside this?

What if... the me I will be, already exists, alive and glowing and is reaching out to me this very moment as I write this, type it out; cheering me on, hugging me, applauding me, telling me it's okay?

What if there are infinite expressions of -- I, Me?

What if these infinite expressions of my consciousness are even grander than I ever imagined or have ever known?

What if... every idea there could ever be, already IS?
And I - I just have to tune into it?

One is a delicious exploration of these What Ifs? These and Some More!

The ideas, the learnings, the experiences all build up a crescendo for the grand culmination of it all at the end; where everything somehow seems to tie in together. What is the end? Ahh! Well! Why don't you read it for yourself!?! -- J.S.

* * *

"In this novel, a follow-up to Bridge, Richard and Leslie are flying in their seaplane towards L.A., when all of a sudden there is a flash of light, and they are over the ocean, with no land in sight. They decide to set themselves down on the water until they can figure out what is going on. As they get closer to the water, they notice a pattern underneath, like underwater roads. It turns out that these underwater roads are the paths of their lives (each squiggling alone, running parallel, then meeting). They can land the seaplane anywhere on the paths, and be thrown to that point in time, to see the Richards and Leslies of the past... and future. Even more, they find that there are an endless number of branches to these paths; an infinite number of pasts that they didn't choose, and they are able to visit these too, to see how things might have been had they made other decisions. Richard and Leslie try to talk to their past selves, to change their decisions, finally realizing that even if they change that Richard and Leslie, somewhere else, there are another Richard and Leslie making the other decisions, branching off into alternate pasts." -- Alisha

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